Friday, September 26, 2014

Almost Home

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I did my usual of going down to the tag office and renewing my license plate. I finally got some good news about the senior apartment that I have been trying to get my Dad in. It should be available in early October. As some of you know, it's been a lengthy ordeal concerning my Dad as he is "stuck" in a Nursing home in New York. I won't re-write the details, but basically we hope to move him here to Georgia next month. There were so many delays and issues with other relatives' health and other legal snafus. My paternal aunt is now in a nursing home herself as she has an advancing stage of Alzheimer's and so does my paternal uncle. They were the main people who used to help my Dad, but now thay have serious health issues of their own. So it has been quite an emotionally draining year for my father's side of the family. I'm hoping that things will settle down once my Dad comes to Georgia. I know he hates where he is at right now. I'm looking forward to bringing him here. No, he does not have Alzheimer's although his memory is not as good as it used to be.

Unfortunately, Switch to Bit had to close. Apparently, there were not enough investors or spends going in. I think it's going to take a little while longer before people are truly comfortable with transactions using strictly Bitcoin. Many people don't even know how to fund their Bitcoin Accounts. I guess people have to ease themselves into it before they will transact with it.

D$ Domination continues to amaze me. I will start teaching my brother how to post listings for me. Eventually, I will get him involved doing his own listings as he has expressed an interest in doing this (dropshipping) for himself. I'm trying to increase my listings as it does increase my sales. My sister also wants to get involved. The discounted offer for the new subprogram Supremacy will come to an end once September is over, but there is still time for you to join now. It is a gret time to join as Fall has just begun. Halloween is coming up as well as Thanksgiving then Christmas. There are so many items that can be sold from now through December. You could be working from home full time before Christmas with this opportunity. That is definitely my plan.

Enjoy your Friday!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Update

So I got a chance to finally listen to a live team call for EPX. The president Dan Putnam was on there. While I appreciate the time he took to speak to us, I was quite disappointed in what has been going on. I won't go into a long spiel about it, but basically as Dan saw the company growing, he thought it would be good to hire a new management team comprised of heavily experienced business people which included a former FedEx executive. Apparently, over the past few weeks, the bonus structure and other money that was supposed to go toward the call center funding was basically misappropriated. So Dan decided to reclaim control over the company and void the contract agreement since the management team did not deliver what they had claimed according to the contract. Yes, it sounds like a legal mess. Even if he wins, I feel as though this sets the company as well as the opportunity back by months and I am skeptical that he will be able to get back any of the money that was taken. So with all that in mind, I will be taking down the banner. I'm still debating whether to discontinue my membership as I have paid to obtain 4 call center members. Oh well, Pete you did warn me!

I added a new passive opportunity. This one is different in that it uses only bitcoin. I won't get into the history of bitcoin, but know that it is a digital currency that is beyond the reach of governmental control. Of course there's far more to it than that, but you can go on the bitcoin site to learn more about it. The name of the program is Switch to Bit and it opened on September 17th. Things are going well for many members thus far.

Ok, time for me to go watch the Jets and Bears play on MNF.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finally Back Online!

So as you know, I moved almost a month ago. Well the brilliant cable guy was supposed to install our cable/internet/phone service during that 1st week. Well the idiot never showed up because he couldn't reach anybody by phone. Well, duh, our phone service was not connected! So we had to wait an additional 2 weeks before getting plugged back into the real world. I tried using the hotspot connections from my phone, but it was so slow and my teenage goddaughter wound up using most of the 4G data that I had available. Go figure.

I'll try to do a quick update here. DS Domination not only recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary at the end of August, but they also introduced yet another great tool for us to use in the dropshipping world. This one is called Supremacy and will basically help sellers to stay in touch and market to their previous customers. Right now it is only offered to those who have already purchased Elite. For this 1st month only, they are offering Supremacy to Elite users for only $14.95 per month. As I've said before DS Domination contiunes to offer top notch training and excellent tools to increase your growing income. You can start for only $19.95 per month and upgrade when you are in profit. There is no recruiting needed to generate daily, weekly, or monthly income for yourself. There is an affiliate program that is purely voluntary and separate from the other programs. With the holidays quickly approaching as well as football season starting up, this is a great time to join. It will only get better with time.

I wish things were on a continued upswing with EPX180. there was an important conference call last week which I haven't listened to just yet as I am stillplaying catch  up with reading messages, answering questions, etc. I am disappointed in the slow progress of all that has been promised. I still have not received the 4 customers that I purchased back in July. I know the management changed which was supposed to have been for the better, but all I see right now is a slowing down of things. I will continue to hang in there with this one for a little while, but I don't recommend newcomers joining until they get things moving.

The plans at Perfect Ad Solution changed a couple of weeks ago. It is still going strong despite that. I need to get back into the swing of things there by surfing my daily requirement. I haven't added anything new just yet as I have been busy settling into the new home. Hopefully, I can get back on track now that I have the internet service back.

Enjoy your Tuesday.