Thursday, August 28, 2014

Keep It Moving

I am in the process of moving. I will still remain in the same zip code. However, I realize that it doesn't matter how far or how close the next house you move into is, moving is still stressful and tedious. I have done a whole lot of cleaning as well as packing and I still feel like I'm behind with everything. Hopefully, we can get it all done by this weekend.

I am enjoying Perfect Ad Solutions. The earnings keep growing there and I have been re-purchasing revshare positions. I finally purchased a matrix position, but I realize that I need to have better timing with that one. Overall, things seem to continue to go well with this program.

Hitesh and Roger at D$ Domination are preparing to roll out some more tools for members that are on the Elite level in DSD. Great stuff! I look forward to increasing my listings especially as the holidays will eventually get here.

EPX180 is starting to roll. There were some technical issues with the call centers and the software, but now people are starting to see their purchased customers within their down-line. A new management team is in place that is very experienced and members will be able to purchase stock soon.

Well gotta get back to the boxes. Just wanted to provide a quick update.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Bliss without Adzbliss

I'm glad I did not fund Adzbliss. Apparently members are non too happy about the earnings. It was advertised to earn every 30 minutes but in reality it just amounts to 2% daily. Oh well, those are some of the risks involved with the totally passive programs. These "advertising programs" tend to be short term, so you have to know when to "Play" and when not to.

Two programs I am blissfully happy to be a part of are D$ Domination and EPX180. Within the next few days, I will do a full write-up again on these two programs since my blog has moved.

D$ Domination is a program that has been around now for a year. In a nutshell, you learn how to sell hot items on Ebay using Amazon products. The cost is only $19.95 per month which you can easily earn back within a matter of days. You do not have to recruit anyone to earn money although there is a separate affiliate program that you can earn commission from for $9.95 per month. There is another level called Elite and that is where you can really generate lots of income by using additional resources. They just recently introduced Genesis which allows the whole setup to be almost turnkey for you.

EPX180 is the latest program I joined this past July. It is an affordable program at $24.95 per month. It consists of a savings program called VIP Deals where you can get coupons for products that you purchase on a regular basis. The other cool offering is a $25 gift certificate that you receive monthly for dining out at some of the popular local food places. However, the best feature I like about EPX180 is the new customer acquisition co-op program that was recently put into place. This will allow distributors to purchase customers who have already joined the savings program! This program is ideal for people who are not good at marketing.

Check out my links to learn more about these two homebased opportunities. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome to The Profit Hub's New Home!

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by! This is the temproray new home for Gwen's Profit Hub. I was on another free hosting site ever since 2006, but all of a sudden it got frozen! They claim I violated their terms of service agreement. (After 8 years?) My content has always been of the same niche. Hmmph! Sounds to me like the cyberbullies are at it again. No I won't go into who they are and what they do except hate on homebusiness people.

Anyway, back to the positive. It must be the winds of change at this time of year for me. I'm getting ready to move before the end of the month, my dad is getting ready to move from New York to Altanta Georgia area where I reside, and now my blog is moving. Hopefully, it's all a sign for great things to come.

So please bear with me as I try to get things setup here. It may take me a few days, especially since I am busy offline. Feel free to stop by anytime.

Have a great day!