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Simple Leverage

I know it's funny how I can return from no man's land and start promoting a program that I just joined. Yup, that's what I'm about to do.

As the title indicates, the program is known as Simple Team Leverage (as well as Cha-Ching Success Formula Phase 3). The program involves Traffic Wave, which has been a steady company for several years and a matrix system that can generate $1800 upon completing it with a frequency of completion every 1 to 7 days. Members can then re-purchase another position and re-start the process so that you are generating $1800 over and over again. A good friend of mine recommended it to me. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try since it has been a while since I have added any programs of value to my roster.

I joined on Sunday and I have already received a $100 payment, so that has me excited about this opportunity. Tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 10th), there will be a conference call held in the afternoon. if any of you would like to attend, just send me an e-mail. Below is a "White Paper" overview of the program.

Simple Leverage

Here’s the premise: Take $100 from your pocket and send to someone else. Also agree to spend $17.95 a month for the best traffic generator available today.


The payments go directly to you through Google Wallet (Preferred, free and fast) or WalMart or Priority Mail or cash or however you want to receive them. Just make it easy for people to send to you. (I will help you choose wisely.)

Well, that sounds simple, doesn’t it?

And it can be, if members just follow the instructions and send their payments in a timely manner.

The great news is you will be part of a Team of 3 and always work with those 3. This means you will always send money to the same people so you don’t have to search out info on someone different every time.


And since you make money every step of the way members are motivated to do so.
This is called simple leverage and it’s a concept that has been around for some time. This one has a special attribute that gives it a chance to last longer than similar programs have done: It has live people who provide support, do conference calls, and help members understand and stay motivated.

But first, a key to making this work: Do not treat this like a $100 program that might make a few bucks fall from the sky; treat it as an $1800 and more weekly business that will repeat as long as you do your part. And your part consists of sending and receiving $100 payments.

When you enroll you will soon receive $300. $200 of this will be sent to others, $100 kept by you which means your initial cost is back in your pocket.

However, when you receive $1800 only $100 will be sent to qualify you for the next round and you end up with a $1700 profit.

And it just continues.
So theoretically this is really simple.
So what do you do?

Important Instructions After Joining

As soon as you sign up, send us an email directly to

Subject line - I Want to Join PHASE 3
and these details in the message:

Your Full Name
Your Phase 3 "PAID" Traffic Wave username -
Your Phone number with area code -
Your Phase 3 ORIGINAL SPONSOR'S full name -
(not necessarily who you *fall* under in our matrix)

Be sure to also include in the subject line "I Want to Join PHASE 3" so that we can put you into the system to get you started immediately.

  • (Note, at the bottom of this page you will see phone numbers for 3 members who will take calls and help you enroll. This is a huge advantage.) This is the enrollment for TrafficWave. Once done you will receive very thorough info from them. The cost here is $17.95 monthly but comes back to you with our first enrollment … and each ensuing enrollment produces income.

  •  As soon as you finish you will receive instructional emails for using Trafficwave and Phase 3 instructions for sending and receiving payments. If you don’t receive the emails or want. This is the link you will get: (it gives instructions for mailing the money. Email me at or call for my address or PayPal pay info.)

4.    ONE HINT: After joining login to your traffic wave acct and agree to terms as affiliates (not customers) so you can start making $.

5.    Below is a summary of the way payments work. It’s fairly simple overall and you make money from the beginning:

A Summary of How Cha-Ching Phase 3 (Member to Member Cash Leveraging) Works

When you first ENTER, you will pay your sponsor (or whomever your sponsor places you with) $100
1.      Your own first 3 top line members will send you $100 for a total of $300. You keep $100 and send $200 to your sponsor's sponsor.
2.      Your 3 top line members get 3 top line members of their own. Those 9 people will send you $200, totaling $1,800.
3.      You keep $1,700 and Re-enter by starting back at #1 again...
4.      Repeat the entire cycle over and over again.
(Note: I accept payments through GoogleWallet. If you do not have Google Wallet go to and spend five minutes enrolling. This is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to conduct to receive and pay and there are no fees)

THIS CAN GROW TO $88,000 MONTHLY but this won’t happen overnight. A nice goal to shoot for, though. If you are diligent this is realistic.

I am still new to this like everyone else so I am struggling with the process, not the concept. In coming days I will be talking with some of the more experienced members to get the process down and will outline it here.

For now, just follow the steps above, get your position in.

1.    You do not have to recruit because nobody in the system can have more than 3 members under him. This means the ‘extra’ people that come in through me will be placed in the rotator and randomly assigned to others. So it is possible you will enroll but will not show under me; this is okay because you will be part of my team. However, recruiting others helps the matrix fill faster.

2.    So far there is a ton of enthusiasm for this. Some of you have done programs like this in the past very successfully and love the concept. This is a first for me but I can see the potential.

3.    If a lot of us enroll many of you will get some nice pre-Christmas cash.

4.    Nobody knows how long a program like this will last but one member told me he did a similar program two years ago and averaged nearly $40k monthly. That program had some support but did not give out the phone numbers for the top producers like this one does.

5.    Once you enroll call the experienced people listed on the site with your questions and email me what you learn.

I’ll revise this White Paper continually as we learn more.

P.S. This is the recording of a live call on December 3: