Saturday, January 31, 2015

Already February!

Boy! It's already February! Where did the time go? I remember last year at this time, I was still trying to recover from being stuck in my car for 22hours. So far, this winter hasn't been too bad, but I don't want to jinx that.

Lots of changes have been going on this month for me regarding the programs I have been working with. I have re-vamped some things as you can see when you look over at the banners I have in place. Simple Leverage or Cha Ching Success Formula is now called Global Success Plan. The new implementation of the program will launch in February. I did well in the previous version. I earned $300 before they decided to revamp the program. Usually I'm leary about changes to a program, but I think in this case it will enhance the program. You can click on the banner to your right to look at the new website and see how the new compensation plan works. The biggest changes are that you will be able to break even with just one signup and it is now a monthly fee program which will enhance the opportunity to generate longterm income.

I have also added tow more programs that I consider to be very affordable. Xtreme Lifestyles Network is actually a free program that offers you a selection of capture pages to use in conjunction with an auto-responder system to advertise your membership in Four Corners Alliance. Four Corners Alliance only costs $18 for a one-time fee. It is setup as a matrix. You can learn more about it by clicking on the banner.

The third program is Five Dollar Funnel. You can join as a free member and upgrade to to the $5 monthly level in order to qualify for commissions. Payouts will be made weekly. This program launches in February. This is a nice viral program that will also help you to build leads or prospects. It also uses general lead capture page and an autoresponder.

Programs like XLN and Five Dollar Funnel are extremely affordable and will help you to generate leads in order to build your list. I've mentioned before that building a list is essential for any longterm success for making money online. Yes they are lower tiered programs, but having a list of names from them will allow you to send your higher tiered programs to them. That's what makes a funnel program effective. I'll go more into detail about that in a future entry.

So if you are on a budget, you may want to consider 5 Dollar Funnel or XLN. If you want higher commissions then consider the Global Success Plan.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello readers/subscribers. Happy Belated New Year! I am definitely looking forward to the New Year and have decided to get re-focused and dedicated to my working from home businesses. 2014 was a challenging year for me on a personal level and I had to set aside some goals for my home business. So today I want to look at GOALS for 2015.

GOALS: First, it is worth repeating 2015 will be a time of opportunity for us as more and more people will look to establish another income. My goals are based on my years of experience marketing online/offline and some of the things I want to accomplish:

PROGRAM OVERALL: A rededication to doing a thorough job preparing prospects to succeed from home. Calls and emails during revealed a greater determination than ever before and a frustration with 'joining and not succeeding'.

A major goal for 2015 is helping everyone realize and accept the fact you must approach working from home as a BUSINESS, not a LOTTO TICKET.

You have to build a customer list, follow-up, learn the details, etc. People today want to talk to the person they are spending money with and get help based on reality, not just hype.

So my primary GOAL is to provide even better counseling to my members and prospects before and after joining a program. Part of that will come from:

A Professional Website/Blog: This will be the centerpoint for everything I do because it is my firm belief there is a need for people to get useful information about success from home. However, I do not wish to have a generic site that leaves me vulnerable to the naive dictates of the free plug-in-play sites. I used for over 8 years and all of a sudden my site is not compliant with their terms? So I am in the process of having my site hosted for an annual fee. Not to worry, I will keep you posted when I make that move.

COMPUTER SKILLS: I have pretty darn good computer skills but there are still quite a few things that I can learn. For as much as I can conduct Powerpoint presentations at work, I still don't know how to do that within a video. Time to learn. Videomarketing is still just as relevant now as it was when I first came on line. I moved away from videomarketing for a while, but now I am ready to work with it again. Besides it's free advertising!

BUILDING YOUR LIST: This is still the key ingredient. I have finally committed to saving every contact I receive and will stay in touch by email/blogging. IF YOU WANT SUCCESS YOU HAVE TO BUILD YOUR LIST so I will continue building mine and 'pestering' you to do the same. If I had done this when I first came online, I'd probably be swimming in millions right about now. LOL

FOLLOWUP: When someone responds to your marketing chances are pretty good he/she won't buy that minute. However, if you stay in touch with your leads when they are ready to buy they will buy from you. If you don't stay in touch they will still buy, but not from you.

MY PROGRAMS: Will continue working my existing programs and on a careful, slow basis, add programs that I think might help my members.

GROWTH: Expect dramatic growth in 2015 as the opportunity will be bigger than ever. Focus will always be on follow-up using TrafficWave for my emails and letting people choose the program(s) they are most interested in.

PERSONAL: Time for a vacation! My goal this year is to take a brief sabbatical to Sedona, Arizona. I would also like to treat my goddaughter to a fun trip like Mall of America in Minneapolis or Atlantis waterpark in the Carribean. She will become in a senior in high school next year so these next 2 years we need to do something memorable. I also wouldn't mind taking a cruise somewhere.

So lots of plans for 2015 but all depend on how well I can help others succeed, and that's as it should be.