Monday, August 24, 2015

The People's Program Cash Leveraging $150 - $10,000

The People's Program is experiencing a major resurgence since its shift from a cash gifting program to a cash leveraging program! I am very excited about that since I've been a member since 2010. The People's Program has been around since 2008.

Before other programs offered their members a lead capture page and an auto-responder series along with a comprehensive back office, TPP was in the forefront of doing just that! This is a very easy program to be a part of and it has become even easier now that it is a cash leveraging program. Imagine receiving cash at your doorstep daily!

There's a total of 10 levels in TPP. For each level, there is generally an 80/20 split between a sponsor and their member when someone new joins. For example, if Susie is a member who signed up under you at the $500 level and then she signs up Kevin at the same $500 level, Susie would receive $400 and you as her sponsor would receive $100.

A very important feature of this program is the FREE Cash Credit System upgrade feature that allows you to move up to the Higher levels without ever having to pay out of pocket! This feature is perfect for those who cannot afford to join at the higher levels. 

Here's How It Works:
Let's say you joined at the $500 member level and you sign up someone at the $1,000 level. You would get $400 (Your 80% portion at the $500 level) and the $600 would Roll-Up to the next Qualified TPP member. Immediately after the payments have been confirmed, the SYSTEM rewards you with a FREE UPGRADE to the $1000 level!

In the same token, if you are qualified at a certain level and any of the members you personally signed up are not, you would potentially receive the PASS UP of any of their personally sponsored members if they joined at a higher level. For example, let's say you are at the $1000 level and you signed up Sherrie at the $500 level. Sherrie signed up Bob who decided to join at the $1000 level. Sherrie is only qualified to receive $400, so you would receive a Roll-Up of $500 plus the $100 residual for that level. So in total you will have received a residual cash amount of $600 for someone else's efforts! Do you see how this could potentially put lost of cash in your wallet?!? 

So with this program, there are 3 ways to receive cash: (1) directly from your own personal sign-ups, (2) residually from the sign ups of your direct members, and (3) from the Roll-Ups when your direct members aren't qualified to receive at a level that you are.

September is approaching and the holidays won't be far behind so check out The People's Program. Click Here