Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Madness

It's the middle of March Madness and Kentucky is dominating everybody again. Spring finally got here but now it has been raining off and on so much that I feel like I'm in Seattle rather than Atlanta! On top of that, we are supposed to receive more Arctic air. Ok, will the real Spring please get here soon? It's bad enough I am still trying to adjust to daylight savings time. Driving in the dark during morning hours does not help to keep me awake.

Global Success Plan is finally getting into gear. The software is now complete and the members have to make sure that their profile information is correct. Those in the US need to be using Google Wallet and international members should be using PayPal. Members can now access their GSP back office. This program is still on the ground floor and now is definitely a good time to join. It is $100 monthly which goes to your upline sponsor for training materials pus $19.95 monthly for the admin fee. You do NOT have to join Traffic Wave for GSP. Remember, you break even when one person joins.

Five Dollar Funnel continues to grow. Admin are trying to teach members to stop worrying about stacking people into their downline, but focus on building relationships with members and teach them how to market. This way, they will likely remain lifetime members. That's a hard sell for people, especially those who are used to stacking down-lines with their "lists". However, Tom Cellie and Bill Hebert want members to see this opportunity as a longterm one with quality leadership training in the back office. I still recommend it because it is for the longterm and it is very affordable. I have gone through many of the training videos and they are quite valuable.

Xtreme Lifestyles Network (XLN)/4 Corners Alliance has gone through some changes and unfortunately hit a snag. The admin of XLN decided to monetize their marketing system rather than keep it for free. The cost was supposed to be $7 monthly but some members upgraded then decided to get a refund and put in a dispute with PayPal. This of course created a suspension/hold of XLN's account. So now members can't use the software until further notice.I'm sorry to hear about their troubles but I had decided not to upgrade because they had initially promised the marketing system would always be free as long as it was used in conjunction with 4 Corners Alliance. They decided later on that they would monetize it in order for people to promote other programs with it. I'm not against that, I thought it made sense, but I felt they should have kept it separate from the original system. Plus, once again, using PayPal has proven to be a big No No.

That's all for now. Will discuss a new program in a later entry.