Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I meant to post yesterday but got busy. I hope all of fathers out there enjoyed their day this past Sunday. Happy belated Father's Day!

Asset Order did not last long and has already bitten the dust. UT Cycler is still in play.

The One Up to Infinity program has two other programs one at the $150 level and one at the $500 level. This program can be promoted online or offline with postcards. The key is to be consistent with your marketing.

I have some other programs that I'll be posting within a few days. I need banners for them so it depends upon when those will be done. However, I'm going to add my disclaimer to this blog. I had one on my previous site but did not put it here. After dealing with the "member to member" programs in the recent past, I have decided it is necessary for me to add that disclaimer back to my blog.

Speaking of banners, I have added Cash In On Banners to the right side. It is a good advertising program that has been around for a few years. It costs only a one time fee of $10. It is a 2up style program so it can be lucrative if your lines grow. Check it out when you get a chance.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Global Success Plan and The Bridge are Done!

Last night there was a conference call regarding the status of the servers for Global Success Plan and The Bridge. Apparently, last week the servers were moved to another location but weren't hooked back up to surge protectors. After a storm came through, it wiped out the servers causing the websites to be down for several days.

Frank Trueblood, the founder/admin of GSP has stated that there was extensive damage to the sites to where they would require rebuilding. So rather than re-build the sites, they have decided to ditch the two programs and introduce a new program that involves participating in binary options. Hmmm.

Apparently, they were planning for this new program to rollout later this year in October. Now they say they have an opportunity to introduce it sooner. The cost is $119.95 monthly, plus a $9.95 monthly admin fee. No thanks, I'm done. Too many changes and undelivered promises. Therefore I won't be participating and the banners will not go back up on my site. Good luck to those who choose to remain.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How Most People Look at Building a Home Business Completely Wrong

I read an article by one of my fellow bloggers/program admin that I decided to re-post here as I think it is a very significant topic. Making money with a home business is generally a numbers game and most people don't realize it nor do they exhibit the patience to allow for their business to grow. I have always said this before, when you were working your 9 to 5 job making linear income, you didn't expect to go from a job in the mail room to becoming the CEO within a matter of days. Why would you expect that from a home based business? Anyway, here is the article below:

"I have to admit I am getting really tired of people who come to me and say crap like I need to make at least $3000 my first month or I will go elsewhere! Do you know how STUPID that mindset is? Well, I am going to tell you and if you will listen to me and hear what I am saying you might just succeed at a home business for once in your life!

Now, I am NOT saying that you cannot earn $3000 in your first month but the odds and statistics bear out that MOST people will not! That is all. The people who do make a good income their first month usually have two things that the majority of people do not…
One: A Huge List and TWO: A Huge Marketing Budget! That is the KEY difference!

The only thing that will get you to $3000 a month or more if you DO NOT have the components that I discussed above is CONSISTENCY! Period! Now, if you only have enough of a marketing budget to put fifty postcards in the mail every week it will take you longer but it can be done. The key is to do it every week! And to get your members into the same mindset as you!
Math is a very powerful and profound dynamic on YOUR success or LACK thereof! Let’s say you join one of my programs above. I will use One Up To Infinity $250 as my example. Each week you mail out fifty postcards at a cost of $25. You average only ONE sale a week. You get $250 after costs. Now, multiply $250 x 52 weeks. You have $13,000! That is over $1,000 a month your first year in business!

Year two is where the math gets crazy and I am using simple examples. Let’s say on average your 52 members duplicate your first year. Also, remember I am being extremely conservative allowing for only one sale a week. Year two would bring you 52 more sales at $13,000 and 52 pass-up sales at $250 for a total of $26,000. (These Are Only Illustrations. It Could Be Better Or Worse) Now, you have over a 25K return in year two! Year THREE is OFF the charts!


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