Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Update

I requested a withdrawal from Capital 7 and received it no more than an hour later:

"You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as your receipt.

  • From STPay member: Capital7 (C7Billxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Transaction Number: 3000615xxxx
  • Amount: $9.80
  • Currency: USD
  • Note (if provided): Withdraw to profithub from
  • Transaction Fees: $x.xx"
I joined a Revshare that is in pre-launch called Clik Delivery. It is scheduled to launch on April 27th rather than April 15th. There are already close to 2,000 members and they have made some rule changes already. They have removed the re-purchase rule which would have required members to re-purchase positions with a portion of their earnings. Click on the banner to the right for more details.

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